Mixed Mode Commute

I haven’t talked about mixed mode commute in a while. It is a favorite of mine because it is what got me into commuting by bike. One difference now is that I am not the only one at my house with a mixed mode commute. My 20 year old son does not currently have a car. He rides from our house to the local community college and catches the bus into Raleigh for his job. He takes his bike on the bus. If the timing is good he transfers buses, otherwise he rides the last stretch on his bike. The summer heat and not showing up too sweaty is why he uses the bus as much as possible.


My commute is car and then bike in the morning and bike and then car in the afternoon. I can tell you that even when the car is parked in the stage I get much sweatier in the afternoon after I get in the car. Not having that nice breeze you generate while riding certainly makes the sweat seem worse.


The drive then ride really helped me out when I was getting started. I worked out several places I could park that made my ride more manageable until I got used to it.


I am considering putting the rack back on my road bike and riding the whole way for part of the summer. This route will be all road (no greenways). The summer traffic is a little lighter since some percent of people are always on vacation. The morning will be fine. I will have to see how the afternoon goes. A lot of this route has new sharrows. It will be interesting to see if this makes much difference to the drivers.



I know others out there have a mixed mode commute. If you mix car, bus, train, or something else with your bike commute, leave a comment and let us know about it.