Will there be a new VeloReviews website?

The short answer – yes.

After much trial and error, prototyping and coding, I’m putting the final pieces in place for the all new VeloReviews website.  I think you will find this to be a net gain in the way the site operates – at least I hope you will.

Now is the time to advocate for your favorite feature/function/bell-n-whistle to get it built into the new site.  Head on over to the forum on the subject and let me know what is important to you.

For those curious of the Why – as in why am I even undertaking this transition, here’s a quick list of the key things that I went looking for in a new site (and feel is lacking in the current site)

  • Social Interaction.  I believe that VeloReviews – first and foremost – is a community of cycling enthusiasts.  I feel that the current VeloReviews site forces us to interact in specific ways, instead of being able to adapt to the ways we want to interact
  • Adaptability.  On the current site, I’m somewhat restricted to utilize the tools provided by the hosting provider.  On the new site, I’m free to do whatever the community wants.  This freedom will open all kinds of possibilities.
  • Blogs.  I’m a blogger myself, so my opinion may be a little biased here, but frankly I’m not very happy with the current sites blogging capabilities.  I find it difficult to follow people’s blogs, and the interface for writing feels very clumsy to me.  The new site not only improves the experience for blog writers – it opens up a whole range of possible blogs where I can offer users a blog address like http://yourname.veloreviews.com.  Yup – continue to blog within the VeloReviews community, but with an easy to remember web address that you can share with your friends and famile.

Stay tuned in the forum for details as the release date comes closer.  I’m currently shooting for just after the conclusion of the Tour de France, but there are still a lot of moving pieces to address.