Sympathy Pains

A little over 20 years ago I injured my knee playing basketball. I had some torn cartilage removed and have lived with a damaged ACL since then. For years after that injury when I would see someone twist their knee watching football or basketball on TV, my knee would actually hurt. This subconscious empathy doesn’t really make sense and yet it would happen. I guess it kind of like when you feel a bug crawling on you and knock it off, but then you still feel like bugs are on your skin. Your mind and body can play some weird tricks on you.



Since I took a hard fall on my bike in June, I was a little leery of the same reaction when I watched the Tour de France this year. The wrecks seem inevitable and sure enough the first week has had plenty of them. Fortunetly my body has not reacted with pain. My mind has still reacted. I feel real empathy for riders whose plans are derailed and have to suffer a different kind of pain than they had planned for in July.


So here’s to the riders who have been on the ground. Whether they got up to ride on or like Janez left the race in an ambulance, I salute you. I am just glad I do not literally feel your your pain. I am still dealing with enough of my own.