Share the Road Round 2

I have already talked about Share the Road but yesterday I included this image.


Turns out it is from a post from the Road Island Bicycle Coalition discussing what  Share the Road means. I will now blatantly borrow from that posting which they seemed to have borrowed from Eden on the Team Estrogen forums. I am doing this becasue I thought the ideas were really good. 


This breaks share the road into what to do as a cyclist, a driver and any user of the road. Note that these are also the expectation of other cyclists, drivers and other road users.

As a cyclist, I will:

  • I will ride predictably and follow the rules of the road.
  • I won’t block your way without reason. I will ride to the right when it is safe for me to do so. I’ll use a bike lane or shoulder if it is contiguous, free of parked cars, copious pot holes, gravel or debris or other obstacles. I may choose to not use these areas if the above conditions apply. I may choose to occupy an entire lane of travel if I feel it is necessary.
  • I get to determine what is safe and what is not safe. I may be able to see things that you may not. I may have different tolerances for different situations than you do. I know the limitations of my equipment and physiology better than you do.
  • I will use lights and reflectors – lots of them. I want you to see me.
  • I will be respectful of pedestrians

As a driver, I will:

  • I will drive predictably and follow the rules of the road.
  • I won’t harass other road users – if they are going more slowly than I would like to go, I will wait until it is safe to pass and then I will do so. Even if annoyed, I will not tailgate, honk, yell, flash lights etc.
  • I will not pass recklessly. I will wait until I can see far enough and until I have enough space to go all of the way around you. I will not attempt to pass you at all if your speed is reasonable for the conditions – regardless of the speed limit.
  • I won’t take your turn at a 4 way intersection, just because I think I can accelerate faster than you….
  • I will be respectful of pedestrians.
  • I will remember that some road users are more vulnerable than I am and that I should exercise extra caution around them. I will not be upset at them for existing, nor will I call for their banishment from “my” roads for simply because I do not wish to be inconvenienced or to have to be properly careful.

As any road user, I will:

  • I will pay attention to what I am doing. If I am on a bike I will keep my eyes and ears open. If I am driving I will not use even a hands free device and I will certainly NEVER text while driving. If am walking I will pay attention when I interact with other road users.

At the risk of it being a if more people were like me the world would be a better place kind of statement, I will say everyone would be better off with these kind of rules. I think these are the kind of things that belong in education modules for road users and in some cases could even be codified into laws.