Bicycles in Advertising

I have noticed a lot more bicycles in advertising lately. I don’t mean as the primary form:


or the disingenuous SRAM adds on Versus during bike races. I mean the team is paid to use certain equipment. In that the riders chose a team, they chose SRAM. But how many said, I am going to sign with Net App so I can have SRAM Red. If I accepted the Quick Step offer I would have to use Campagnolo Super Record?



SRAM :30 second “I Chose SRAM” commercial from theroaddiaries on Vimeo.


No today’s topic is bicycles in main stream advertising. There are probably lots more than I have spotted.


Chime in and add any you have seen. Bonus points for ads not selling directly to cyclists. The best ones win not just a Specialized S-Works, and not just a Specialized S-Works Venge but a link to video about the Specialized S-Works McLaren Venge.