The VeloReviews we all grew up on is fading into the past as we move forward to new things.  Change can be hard, but can also lead to greater rewards

Check out the tips for returning VeloReviews members to help get you used to the new environment.

Now the real question is – what do we get for this change?  Here’s a list of some of the new features.  Some are available immediately, and some are just on the horizon:

  • Members can how have their own VeloReviews address for their blog – like http://rossdelduca.eloreviews.com/
  • More social features.  The old site had it, the new site kicks the community feel up another notch.
  • Interact with your friends easier.  Simply type their username in any post, comment, or message and that user will be notified that you’re talking about them.
  • Find the most recent comments and forum posts easier – no more clicking through pages to find the latest updates.