A Tale of Two Helmets

I related the other day how I has involved in a bicycle crash with another cyclist. Well my trusty Bell Commuter helmet did its job and protected my noggin. It has a small crack on the back,


a dent on the left side,


and a large crack on the left as well.


Looking at all this, I can really see how well it worked. My back has been really sore and my ribs a little sore, but my head has not hurt at all.


But I am feeling better.  My new handlebars came in and the new cable set is due tomorrow. I wanted to wait for some red cable housing which should look sharp. I got a new Specialized Echelon helmet and took it for a short test ride a few minutes ago.


I pray this one never hits the ground while I am wearing it, but if it does I hope it does as good a job protecting me as the last one.