Custom Curved Handlebar

After my back which is slowly getting better (down to ibuprofen for pain management), the main damage was to my handlebars. They are bent in several ways on both sides. On either side of the clamp area they are bent either up or down. The left side (right side of the picture) drop is bent inwards pretty significantly.

The stem looks good.Gotta love those Nitto stems, 24 years old, holding a handlebar that gets mangled like this and not a problem. I may get a new Nitto that is taller but that is about changing the fit.


I a proud that the wheels I built last year (Velocity Dyad rims on 32 hole NOS Shimano 105 hubs) held up great. They need a little touch up on the truing to be prefect but that was true before the accident.


The fork and frame look undamaged. There might be a new small scratch on each but I don’t have a real inventory of scratches, so they may have already been there.


I am thinking of getting the Velo-Orange Grand Cru Chris’s Rando handlebar. Besides being beautiful, they have a little more reach and the drops are not quite so low. Also there is a nice flat area behind the break hoods with lots of room for you hands. On or just behind the hoods is my main riding position, so I think I will like these.


I am also going to pick up some red brake cable housing. My color scheme for this bike is glossy black with red highlights and of course some polished silver.