I Feel Just Like Another Stat

I have posted about safety and will continue to do so. But Monday I was involved in a accident on our group ride. We break the ride up into smaller groups, largely for safety. But sometimes things still happen. We had one new rider in our group and he did something unexpected.

We had been in a pretty close pace line for about 6 miles, but as we tackled a double hill, the group split up some. That is out normal practice and everyone is told we will regroup at a stop sign at the top of the second hill. We had made the first climb and I had just spun up the first climb planning to push harder on the second one. I moved left to be in a position to pass. The new rider looped back to the left. I called on your left but he moved further to the left. We both occupied the same space at the same time, for a moment anyway. I actually t-boned him. I went flying over the handles bars and came down flat on my bank. Fortuently I Was angled enough that I came down in the grass. The people behind me said I was a good 6 feet in the air.

I had the wind knocked out of me. Luckily there was an ambulance just around the corner on a cancelled call. They arrived within about 3 minutes. After a trip to the hospital and a batch of X-rays, nothing is seriously wrong. What I can’t believe is how much it hurts even when there is nothing broken.

We had to make a quick switch on our personal plans. I was going to fly to Nashville to take my daughter to college orientation. Instead my wife went with her. My son is here to help take care of me.

Right now I am thankful for prednesone and valium although this post might not be coherent.