Bike Safety

Here is the USA, AAA has recently been criticized for calling for bicycle funding to be removed from the transportation bill and instead be funded from general funds. But just to the north, the Canadian Automobile Association recently released held a conference, Changing Lanes, meant to improve the car-bike relationship on Canada’s roads.


One thing that has already come out of the Changing Lanes conference is new training for bicyclists and drivers covering bicycle safety. I encourage you to check out the bicycle safety web site. Hopefully you already know the things discussed, but the real question is: Are you actually riding safely? We all have a tendency to get a little slack like a worn chain. I can replace a worn chain, but I don’t want to have to replace my friends from VeloReviews. Instead let’s check our mindset and make sure we are doing the basics to stay safe.


There is a training module being offered to groups (public and private) that teach drivers education. This module would cover the driver’s side of safety with bicycles. There is no charge for this material. I did not find it on the web, but I think CAA is planning to make it available.