Want to be a recurring voice on the VeloReviews podcast for only 5 minutes of work?

Ever want to hear you voice as a recurring feature on the VeloReviews podcast?  Now’s your chance – and you just might land yourself some ActionWipes to boot!

We here at VeloReviews are running a contest for our members.  Your part is to record an audio “bumper” for one of the VeloReviews segment types listed in the details below.  A Bumper is an audio piece that is used to introduce a particular segment of the podcast. 

Entry is simple – just record whatever you want that can potentially be used in all future podcasts.  Your audio file can be in pretty much any format (I may get back to you for submissions that somehow I cannot play or convert.) Segments should be a minimum of 3 seconds, and a maximum of 10 seconds.  You are free to use any songs, sound clips or effects you feel are appropriate – but I’ll need documentation of where the additional pieces came from.  So if you use a song you downloaded from a website, I’ll need a link to that website to allow me to validate any copyright issues, etc.  Of course you can record you own music, and a recording of your own voice is almost a requirement.

I will be accepting submissions between now and 11:59pm on June 30, 2011 Pacific time.  All submissions should be emailed to ross@veloreviews.com.

I – Ross – will select the top 3 entries for each of the segment types.  The final winner will be selected by popular vote between Al Painter and Josh Boggs, and myself.  In the event of a 3-way tie, Liza Rachetto will cast the tie-breaking vote.

The first place winner in each of the segment types will not only hear their bumper included in future podcasts, but will also receive a 5 pack of VeloReviews branded ActionWipes!

You can submit as many different entries as you like in any or all of the below listed Headline Segments.  In addition, you may also submit for any of the optional segments.  However, prizes are only guaranteed to be awarded in the Headline Segments category.  Bumpers for the Optional Segments category will be awarded at the discretion of Ross Del Duca.  Consider those the “bonus round.”

Headline Segments:

  • Josh Bogg’s PROBIKEWRENCH (bike repair) segment
  • Al Painter’s Fitness Segment
  • Ross Del Duca’s JustAnotherCyclist commuting and lifestyle cycling segment
  • Liza Rachetto’s Women’s segment

Optional Segments:

  • Industry News
  • Racing News
  • Product Reviews
  • Cycling Advocacy

Official Rules:

  • Submissions will be accepted by email to ross@veloreviews.com
  • Entries must have the subject line of ‘Bumper Contest’ to be eligible to win
  • Eligible submissions must be received by 11:59pm on June 30, 2011 Pacific time.
  • Submissions must be at least 3 seconds, and no longer than 10 seconds.
  • Entrants may win any number of awarded prizes
  • All audio components of submissions must be documented as to origin.  If you recorded your own voice, you must detail that in your emailed submission.  If you used downloaded content, you must document where you downloaded that content.
  • Any entries whose sources can not be validated will not be eligible to win.
  • By submitting an entry, you grant all rights to reuse the audio, in any format, to VeloReviews.com.

Good Luck!