Loser on a Bike: Week 10

   Week 10 down and here is a brief overview of how it went…


   Strength training is still going well. Got in sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I can really tell that my body composition has changed since I started this process and it’s mainly due to the strength work. This is one area that I have neglected in the past. I have come to the realization that strength training is a must for me to lose weight, at least on a steady and permanent basis.


   Time on the bike went well also this week. Although short, I got in very high intensity workouts on Tuesday and Thursday with a recovery and technique workout on Wednesday. Tuesday was sprint intervals and Thursday was lactate threshold intervals. I also got in a 30 minute very easy spin on Friday morning. I think I’m going to start getting in about 30 very easy minutes on the trainer weekday mornings just to kind of get me going for the day. I read these short easy aerobic workouts in a fasted state can be good for burning fat.


   Saturdays longer ride was ok. I felt good anyway, but man the wind was crazy! I was shooting for 2 hours in the saddle and wound up with 2 hrs and 10 minutes. I covered 25.7 miles in that time in which I averaged a ridiculously slow 11.8 mph. There were times on the southbound legs that I was in my granny gear and wondered if I’d be able to keep the bike upright. Then the East and West legs weren’t a whole lot better. The crosswind would just about blow you off the road. I guess it doesn’t do any good to complain about the wind…just need to suck it up and quit whining:)


   I think I finally got my nutrition dialed in with the whole Paleo thing. One thing I’d like to clear up from some comments I got last week is that I’m not cutting out carbs totally. I pretty much avoid grains, legumes and dairy on a regular basis except around strenuous or long workouts. My normal diet consists of lean meat, fish, poultry, lots of vegetables and moderate amounts of fruit. This kind of goes out the window around a hard workout…I introduce some carbs (like oatmeal) along with some protein about 2-3 hrs before the workout. On long workouts, I fuel all during the ride with sports drink. Within 30 minutes post ride, I refuel with complex carbs and protein. From that point on, I kind of gradually dial back the carb intake until I’m back to the Paleo style of diet. It’s all in the Paleo Diet for Athletes book. It’s modified for endurance athletes and so far I really like it. Again…from last week, here are a couple of links that give you the basics if you don’t want to buy the book:

PDF Cliff notes of The Paleo Diet for Athletes

Blog post by Joe Friel on Becoming a Better Fat Burner


   I saw my sister at a family Memorial Day weekend get together on Saturday. She out of the blue asked if I wanted to run a 5k with her the following Saturday. Turns out it’s a 5k run benefiting our local humane society. Without having to really think about it, I told her I was in. A good cause and even though I haven’t been running, I’m sure I can Galloway run-walk-run 5k and be just fine. So I guess for the upcoming week, I’ll be getting in some evening runs in lieu of my normal rides. I’ll still be getting in the 30 min easy aerobic rides in the morning though. All in all a good week and looking forward to changing up things in the week ahead.



   lbs lost this week: 2.0

   Starting weight: 332.2

   Current weight: 301.8

   lbs lost (10 weeks): 30.4

   Average loss per week: 3.0

   Days tobacco free: 47