Loser on a Bike: Week 8

   This week has been really good and disappointing all rolled into one. I finally broke my string of 7 straight weeks of weight loss with a 1.2 lb gain. It didn’t have anything to do with my workouts…it was all about the nutrition and I think I have been getting a little too liberal on that end of things. Time to buckle down and refocus to get things moving in the right direction again.


   First let me start by saying that I will probably not be doing a weekly update for a while. Due to my work schedule and the crazy hours we are/will be putting in over the next two months, I will try to get a detailed post out every 2 or 3 weeks as possible and keep my status updated a little more often than that. So here’s a short recap of the week…


   Strength workouts on Monday and Wednesday went very well. I’ve been taking the exercises that Al gave me and piecing them together in different ways to keep things a little interesting. So far so good and I don’t really see that changing. I was going to add in another strength session on Friday, but I was absolutely trashed and decided to just take the day off with 30 minutes of stretching.


   This has been the week that I’ve really learned to love the trainer…ok, well maybe not love, but definitely respect it and how it can be used. With the hours I’m putting in, the trainer will have to keep me going for the next 2 months. I have several SPINeRVAL DVDs to keep me company. On Tuesday I hit the trainer with #23 lactate threshold intervals. It was a pretty short workout (40 min), but tough. I think this first session got me really interested in the trip I’m about to take…It actually might be a good thing that I’ll be stuck doing these kind of intervals through the week followed by hopefully longer rides on the weekend as possible. 


   Wednesday night I did another spin session in addition to my strength workout. #8 recovery and technique. 45 minutes of mainly cadence intervals and one leg drills. The one leg drills in particular showed me how much room I have for improvement as I was about as smooth as sandpaper.


   Thursday’s workout was a tough one. #27 Threshold test and suffer fest. One hour of butt kicking intervals including a 20 minute sustained effort. By the time I finished, I knew I was done until at least Saturday.


   When the weekend rolled around, I was still busy and the weather was very bad out. Temps in the mid 50s and thunderstorms on and off to boot. I wound up jumping back on the trainer Saturday night and got in a good solid hour ride for 17.5 miles. Same thing on Sunday night except that I took it a little easier and got in 11.75 miles in 40 minutes.


   All in all I feel great and the week was a good one with the exception of the small weight gain. I have already been working things out and have a plan to refocus on nutrition. I’m not going to go into detail about it here due to lack of time, but I’ll cover it in an upcoming post in a few weeks.


   Current stats:


     Beginning weight: 332.2

     Current weight: 310.2

     Weight Loss: 22.0 lbs

     Days tobacco free: 33


   So that’s my week in an abbreviated nutshell. Until next time…