Tales from Rental Hell- less hell then last week.

Wow, what a week last week was, as two things have happened at work that has made my life easier. First off, uber-jerk assistant manager (UJAM) has been fired and later arrested, almost causing all of us to loose our jobs. UJAM was dealing illicit herbs and devil’s dandruff and was caught by the drug task force. To be clear, he is not the mangler I talked about in my last post, but this over-hyper punk that was the biggest brown noser I’ve ever met who really knew nothing about bikes, but could get you a hook up. I don’t know if the general manager was in on his side job or not. I’m looking for a way out of working there and a good job interview at a car dealership today looked promising.

Another positive note has been a new hire who is also a skilled mechanic. He also is receptive to learning new things and company specific procedures. He knows his stuff and now the company has two full time wrenches and at least one on duty everyday. Before repairs would pile up over my days off, which is 3 days since we work 10 hour days.

As for trying to cover the bike race in Beaufort, that was not as fun as I thought it would be. I was using a 4th generation iPod Touch, which has a both a still and movie camera, but no flash. My wi-fi connection was good from the restaurant I was near, but trying to tweet the right names from the announcer wasn’t easy and I really got them wrong on Twitter. I did post complete results, with the correct names, on the Pro Cycling Forum. The racing was good and Beaufort has a tight circuit that is only .6 of a mile, about 1 km, with a scary narrowing after turn 1 and a oddity in turn 4, as a large section of asphalt is missing and exposing a section of paving bricks that was originally used to pave the downtown streets. There was also a nasty headwind coming off of turn 3 going into the setting sun.