Loser on a Bike: Week 7

   Wow, week 7 done and in the books. Things have been moving along nice and steady, but I’m about to be thrown a curve ball…hopefully I can put it into the gap in right field.


   So I talked a little about my job being in the agriculture field previously. Generally, I am off work during the months of December through February (unless like last year I get tasked to head up a re-write of some of our computer code). During the rest of the year, things are pretty relaxed and laid back with plenty of time to ride and do whatever I need to do personally…with the exception of May and June. During these months, my two employees and I have to meet with every farmer in my zone (300,000 acres) and verify every single acre of cotton that gets planted. I won’t bore everybody with more details than that, but I’ll just say that it is a monumental task and it requires extremely long hours usually six days a week to get the job done. The farmers have to pay a fee per acre, so it is very critical that the acreage is 100 percent accurate and everybody has to agree and sign off on everything. There is a lot of differentially corrected GPS mapping and computer work going on during this time. With this workload looming, I was a little concerned about how I would keep moving forward with my weight loss and cycling goals. After looking at some options and talking to Al, I think I have reached a solution that should work for me. Strength workouts will continue 3x per week in the evening on Mon/Wed/Fri. Since there won’t be much daylight available when I’m at home, rides on Tue/Wed/Thu will be Trainer rides most likely making use of my Spinerval DVD’s. Probably something like Anaerobic Threshold on Tuesday, Recovery and Technique on Wednesday and Sprint Intervals on Thursday. That will leave Sunday to hopefully knock out a longer ride out on the road. I have always dreaded the trainer, but I think it’s time to change my perspective as it will be the tool that keeps me on track for the next 8 weeks.


   That’s what is coming up…now back to week 7 in review.


   Monday and Wednesday’s strength sessions were really good. I can really tell that I’m making more progress and working areas that I was not working on before. I have also become accustomed to stretching and rolling out every day for somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. Up to this point, I have only been doing 2 strength workouts per week, but will be increasing that to 3 this coming week. I’m not having trouble getting out of bed like I did at first, but I have definitely been stiff and sore pretty much all week or at least Tuesday through Saturday.


   Rides went very well for the week. I started off on Tuesday with a 30 mile ride in which I felt very strong. I actually felt very strong on every ride for the week except for Sundays, which I’ll get to in a bit. I went for a short 16 mile recovery ride on Wednesday and then another 30 mile ride on Thursday. Friday was an off day with just 30 minutes of stretching/rolling which was good, because by Friday I was really feeling it. I had been fairly stiff and sore since Tuesday, but it was definitely at its peak on Friday.


   My wife found a new car that she really liked at a local dealership on Friday. We went in, test drove it and liked it except that it didn’t have a few options that we wanted. I told the salesman exactly what we wanted and that if he could find one like that, we would buy it. He called late Friday and had located one in Memphis. So, Saturday morning was blown at the dealership doing paperwork and getting everything finalized. To top that off, they didn’t make it back from Memphis until about 4pm, so in the interim, we stopped by and visited some family. After picking up the new car, we headed out of town, going out to eat and doing a little shopping. No time for a ride, but on the other hand, buying her a new car for mother’s day will probably make things easier when I buy a new carbon Synapse or Roubaix later on:) On Sunday, we got up early, got ready and headed over to in-laws for mother’s day. We spent most of the day there with family and didn’t get home until about 2 1/2 hours before dark. I took the bike out to my shop and did some tuning/checking followed by switching out saddles again. It bugs me that I never got comfortable on the Adamo saddle and I just had to put it back on and give it another shot.


   With checks done, I suited up and headed out to get in my short 16 mile loop before dark. I didn’t feel good at all on this ride. I’m not sure what the deal was, but I never could settle in. I could build up and get a good cadence going, but couldn’t seem to keep it up for long. Maybe it was just an off day or maybe it was the saddle change, I don’t know, but it wasn’t a very good ride. I was pretty comfortable on the saddle for the first 4 or 5 miles, but then the discomfort set in. Maybe not as bad as before, but still uncomfortable. That may have been the reason I couldn’t keep a good cadence up for very long…I would coast and get up off of the saddle to give myself a break for a second. I’m really not sure if that’s the problem or not, but I’m going to go back through the setup video to see if I’ve overlooked something and give it a few more rides.


   So…what was the damage for the week?


     1.8 lbs lost.

     23.2 total lbs lost in 7 weeks.

     Starting weight 332.2

     Current weight 309.0

     89 lbs away from first long term goal

     Tobacco free for 26 days


   All in all another good week and looking forward to the weeks to come…until next time.


   A few pics:

  Only hill available for repeats:)         Old country post office:                 Wifey’s new car: