The Transformation has Begun: 3×9 to 2×10

So I finally let Gary Young talk me into going with a 2×10 setup on my MTB. As soon as I found grip shifters, through this very website btw, my mind was made up.

Today, the rear SRAM X9 rear derailleur and 26T chainring came. I’m waiting on a pretty tasty red RaceFace 38T ring, and the cranks will be set.


Yesterday I got new Gore cable housing put on, and now its just get the shifters, cassette (11-36) and chain. I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out and if I like it. I tend to be a high cadence spinner kind of rider, so I’m thinking on paper this looks like it will work.


BUT, I know I’m going to miss my “time to drop the hammer” 44T on rollers, flats and short punchy power climbs. I have been told “don’t worry Al, you can always get a 40T or 42T if you need it” by Gary. So, if his advice falls flat, then I foresee some very “fun” exercise sessions in his future at the studio.



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