What the heck’s a “Dot-Podcast??”

Hey folks.  The next podcast will be episode 22.1.  So why the “dot one”?


This is a format I’m experimenting with to allow us to get podcasts out to your quicker.  The idea behind the “dot podcasts” is that they will be shorter, and dedicated to a specific topic.


Don’t worry – you’ll still get your regular VeloReviews podcasts with Al, Josh and others.  In addition, though, between regular podcasts you’ll have access to these other podcasts to hold you over.


In fact, I’ve just gotten done piecing together episode 22.1 – featuring Al Painter and his interviews with racers in the Short Track from the Sea Otter.  Stay tuned for the final cut of 22.1 to be released, watch for 22.2 with more from Sea Otter, and finally keep an eye out for future VeloReviews DotPodcasts!