So… guess where I woke up

Honestly, I’m still not sure what happened, I had just turned left onto 10th street in Plano, and the next thing I knew I was starting to come to while getting a CAT scan. Apparently there was an SUV turning left in front of me, into a parking lot, and we met somewhere around its rear passenger door. Hopefully I’ll know more when I pick up the police report tomorrow, I just hopeim not found to be at fault because I’ve only got hazy fragments of memories of what happened to dispute anything I disagree with at the moment.

I’ve got no big physical damage, a concussion and some scrapes and bruises, and I chipped the front off of one of my teeth (which is already an implant, not a real tooth), but thats all it appears to be for now.

As for the important stuff, the bike seems to be mostly OK. The brothers are pretty jacked up looking and may need replacement (I’ll get a pic later, I’m starting to get sore and need to lay down for a while). I’ll need to give it a better look-over in the morning then call the insurance company.