A Friendly Wave

There are a lot of kinds of cyclists out there. They ride different bikes, different styles and with different attitudes. I would be among the people who detest the race face when you are not even in a race. You know the face, the rider is concentrating so much that they can’t even acknowledge your existence. Is the race in your mind so important that you can’t give a little wave to build camaraderie with other humans? Do we really want to see this (in fairness maybe he just forgot his chamois cream)?

Rather than this?

Even this cyclist, who should probably be worried about unseen holes in the road, has time for a wave.

Wave training starts young with your very first bike.

So give a friendly wave and maybe a smile whether you are alone

or in a big group.

By the way, I don’t even want to admit how many tries it took me to spell camaraderie even close enough for the spell checker to find it.