PAINter workout Days 12-13

Friday (day 12) – I was supposed to workout with my PT. However, I got all the way to the gym (25 min drive) only to find out he had to cancel b/c he daughter was sick. Bummer. However, I decided this would be a good opportunity to do Al’s regimen back at home. So, I did it. Since this was my first effort and I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I kept Al’s sheet, a timer, my HRM and my iPhone with the youtube app running, all right next to me. (Al has a video of this workout.)

I know those who know about Al’s leg raises/circles want to know how I did with them. So, I’ll get to that, first. On my right side, they were horribly painful…in my glutes. Boy, I almost didn’t make it to the minute point for the final circle set. It was like someone had put a flame thrower on my axx. I did them for a full minute each – yes, that’s a minute for the raises, a minute for circles in one direction and a minute for circles in the other direction. I kept my leg very low for the circles, coming within only a couple inches of my other foot. The size of the circle was also small – about the size of a basketball. On the left side, I did one set but then realized after watching the video, again, that my body was too straight. I was supposed to be ~90 degrees format upper body to lower body. Also, I missed that it was a set of circles in BOTH directions clockwise/counter-clockwise. So after I had finished doing the right side in proper form, I figured I’d better go back and do the left side in proper form. I did, and the left hurt but wasn’t nearly so painful as the right.

Now, I thought for sure that I’d be sore the next day in these areas, but no. I wasn’t. I figured that next time perhaps I need to do the entire line-up twice. So, I could get that soreness the next day (hopefully).

However, I will say that I was sore in my obliques and a little sore in my back from some of the other exercises on the list. I have never been a fan of back soreness b/c of my issues with my back in the past. (Gives me “flashbacks”.) However, I rather liked the oblique soreness b/c this is an area I don’t often feel it. Will definitely do more of that!

Oh…and the “Triple Threat” exercises in the video he put up for my benefit? LIKE! The last one hurt like hell! Couldn’t make it to a full minute, and yes…my hams were a little sore the next day. Going to do more of those, that’s for sure.

Day 13 – Saturday. No, I couldn’t take a rest day b/t Al’s workout and my weekend ride b/c Sunday was “out”. So…Saturday it was. I knew it was “a little” windy. Since I’d rather do “a little windy” outside than endure 2 or more hours on the trainer stuck inside, outside it was. Granted, the weather page lied to me claiming that the winds were only in the teens. HA! No…the winds were actually 20-30mph. As I’m getting ready in the parking lot of the starting point, I’m looking at my two riding friends with a fair amount of skepticism and trepidation. We pedaled off, anyway. After 10 miles, I changed the route we were going to take b/c going up a certain long, hard hill would be made impossible with the headwinds we were having. I was hoping the alteration (which put us among more trees and quieter roads) would make the rest of the ride easier to endure. I. Wish.

At the 21 mile mark, I had an option to turn and go back to our starting point, or go the opposite way and get those last 9 or so miles. I decided to go back but encouraged my friends to keep riding, if they wanted. They turned back, too. This was an exhausting ride – physically, no doubt(!) but mentally, as well. I was frustrated and felt like a failure b/c I hadn’t had the mental/physical stamina to eek out those extra few miles. But…then, I forget that the ride was as if I had been climbing nearly the entire time. (The winds were almost entirely head or side winds, b/c it was constantly changing directions. Very mercurial! We only felt a true tail wind for less than a 1/4 mile and it sure was welcomed while it lasted.) Today, my body confirmed that by showing me soreness in my calves – an area where I rarely feel it. (My calves are larger than your average female bear’s.) Oh…guess I did work harder than I realized. Also last night and parts of today, it hurt just to climb the steps in my house. So yeah… a good workout it was. It just wasn’t 2 hours. (It was 24.4 miles of pure pain and 1 2/3 hours.)

I was glad to ride and even happier to be done.

Day 14 (today/Sunday) – rest.

Tomorrow? Hmmm…thinking of changing things up a bit. I will email Al for feedback on this.