PAINter workout Days 9-11

Tuesday, Day 9 – As I alluded in my previous post, I suspected that I wouldn’t be able to get a ride under my belt b/c of my schedule that day. Sure enough, I didn’t get home until 9pm, and it was time to put the kiddos in bed and head there myself. I was still bushed from all these storms we’ve had lately. (Really – why do all the night-time t-storms have to hit at 4am?)

Wednesday Day 10 – Weight training with my PT. He’s really been stepping it up, lately. Yesterday was no exception. Although, I am showing more improvement in my balance and stability. I even managed to get the “spiderman” form down properly. (This one is a PITA, and of all the exercises I do, I detest this one, the most. But…I got it. So, I detest it a little less.)

Thursday (Today) Day 11 – Another busy day. Earlier in the evening, I was dealing with a distinct lull in my energy. I was at the point of nearly bailing on the day’s riding effort. It’s been cloudy all week, cold, windy. Outside riding was not in the cards. So, I ate dinner, handled some more work and errands. Then, I finally set up the trainer for my bike. It’s been ages since I’ve done this, and it took a while b/c I couldn’t find the correct skewer. Plus, hubby gave me a different rear wheel to use and getting the settings just right on the trainer was downright aggravating. But…FINALLY(!)…I got it dialed in. So, I put in the “uphill grind” video by Spinervals (sic?) and got started. Oye – you want to talk about sweating – man! My hand towel and my top were heavy at the end of riding. Btw, this video is 45 minutes long, has 4 hill workouts that are 5 minutes long, each. So, I added on some extra spinning to make it to an hour. Plus, it was easy to get the cadence work in b/c it’s part of the video in several spots. I worked hard at keeping a higher cadence overall and was rewarded with an overall average of 87. (What brought it down was some of those hill intervals – I had to work, grunt, groan, mutter and moan just to keep it at 77-80 at times but that was about as low a cadence I had, overall.) My highest cadence was 115, today. It will get higher now that I also fixed one more setting on the trainer after the ride was over.

I was surprised how much that video took out of me. Granted, this “new” wheel has a smaller cassette. So, that changed up my ride and the effort required. It’s a good workout but…I also detest it. (That means, I need to do it more often – Yeich!)

Oh…and no, I’m a bad girl. I didn’t do the single leg pedaling b/c I forgot to do it. Hey…at least I did the workout. I wrapped it up at about 945pm, which is late for me. If I wasn’t doing this for Al, I would have totally bailed. Working out that late means my brain isn’t totally “on”. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Tomorrow, I’ve got another WT workout with the PT. Saturday, I might have to do an indoor spin (Bleah – for 2 hours – bleah!) unless I can get a sitter b/c my hubby and elder son will be gone all day. Sunday is my youngest son’s bday. So, no riding for moi. I am thinking I will rest completely on Sunday and do an easy spin on Monday. This way perhaps I can recover a little better from all these tired days (and nights) I’ve had this week. We shall see how the weekend plays out, though. Wish me luck!