Al’s insanity, Days 14.5-18: I don’t mind the Earth or the Fire, but…

OK, people pop quiz time:


Q: What’s worse than doing hill repeats?

A: Simulating hill repeats on a trainer, the most joyless of bike environs for being on a bike.


Q: What’s worse than simulating hill repeats on a trainer?

A: Following that up the next day with a commute into the teeth of a nasty headwind that turns your normally pleasant ride into a virtual category 4 climb.  Oh yeah, then following that up by hitting the gym for Al’s strength work.  I’m surprised I didn’t need a bucket that day.


Actually, it wasn’t all bad.  At least I managed to squeeze out three more leg circles than usual at the end of the workout, and my right knee is decidedly stronger and more stable during the lateral lunges than it has been up to now.  It’s still not where the left knee is, but things are looking up.


As for today, well… the wind, while not a fierce as yesterday, was still kicking me in the chest during my intervals. Making things even more fun, today we were working two-minute-long intervals instead of one-minute.  Good gravy does that extra minute add a layer of “fun” to the mix. I can’t wait for next week and its three-minute intervals.  I just hope I can find a piece of road long enough to guarantee three minutes without having to negotiate intersections or stop lights before then.


Oh well, I’m done for the next 42 hours or so, so I’m going to demolish my post workout sandwich (seen below).  There’s just something restorative about brisket, beef gravy, pickled red onions. and a fried egg on a soft hoagie roll….



Maybe I’ll have a salad later…