AL’s Insanity, Days 6-8.5

When last I checked in, it was a rest day and I was hoping for a hamburger for dinner & looking forward to doing some climbing in the morning. As it turns out, I got neither the hamburger nor the climbing.

After settling on a buffalo chicken wrap for dinner (the little lady was still to sick to eat, much less go out to eat), I headed off to bed with visions of riding uphill bouncing around my tired little noggin. When I woke up, however, the only thing bouncing around were little sparks of pain and numbness in my left butt-cheek as sciatica had returned to Willville overnight. It wasn’t a particularly bad bout this time around, unlike the last one when I spent about three days feeling as if my left leg had been shot up with novacaine and then run over by a tank; still, I didn’t want to risk making things worse, so I put off the hill session for the day and instead did a lot of work rolling out my posterior chain.

Twenty-four hours later, Sunday rolls around. And while things are better in the hindquarters, I opt out of the hills yet again for more rest and rolling. I was unhappy about missing out on “the big one”, but I much prefer that to missing out on “the big two, the middle four and the lesser six” because I overreached. Anyway, as of late Sunday I was feeling much better and ready to sadle up and ride again.

And ride I did, with my standard commute on Monday, followed by Al’s bodyweight routine. I made it a point to really push my hips forward and get my legs fully extended on the inverse squats and this morning I’m really feeling it in my iliopsoas/lower ab area. It’s actually a bit distracting, as it feels a lot like I constantly have a full bladder (thanks Al) but it doesn’t bother me when I ride, so I’ve got that going for me.

This is where we stand at the moment; after work I’ll head to my hills and do a handful of repeats on the way home. I hope they don’t extract some vengance for not stopping by to see them this weekend.