Al’s Insanity, Days 3-5

So day three of this little experiment rolled around on Wednesday and was rather understated. Rather than coming in all “Braaahhh!!! Hill Repeats today! CLIMBING, BABY! CLIMBING!!!” it was much more of a, “Oh yes my good man, it is day three, isn’t it. Yes, yes, we’ll be rolling on the floor for a while, lifting legs and thrusting hips about, such a delightful time it will be. But don’t you worry about that now, shoo on off to work, we’ll play when you get home.” And so off I went, trusting the workout’s claim that we would fun later that evening. Oh boy did we have fun.

Now, I’m not the quickest learner in the world. Sometimes I have to do stupid things upwards of six to eight times before it finally sinks in that I don’t really want to be doing that. But I managed to learn in one shot on Wednesday to not just hop off the bike after a hard commute home from work and head up to the gym to do any of Al’s workouts. From the first lunge, I knew this would not be such a delightful time; my butt, hips, and legs were still worn down from the ride (and I’m sure the work earlier in the week was contributing). And after I whimpered and cussed my way through the last #@%&ing leg lift/circle, my butt and hips were just destroyed. It was wrong… oh so wrong. If I had a calzone, I would have eaten it right there on the floor, as it was I had to go downstairs and make myself some pasta with sausage, clams, and tomatoes instead. On to day four.

Day four, Thursday, was theoretically a “rapid riding” day. Six one minute intervals at an RPE of 7-8 tucked into 60-90 minutes of riding with some structured rest thrown into the mix. Easy enough, right? Well apparently mother nature didn’t want me to have it too easy, because she sent the dogs after me.

By the time I got out of work and was ready to mix this workout into my commute home, the winds had worked themselves up to a sustained 20-22 MPH, gusting to 35 MPH. And, of course, they were coming straight out of the west, the direction I’d be riding. Oi!

I don’t think I can describe just how disheartening it is to be doing your second interval, when the legs are still fairly fresh, and to be working at an RPE of about 8, grunting, wheezing, pushing hard, and maxing out at just 12.5 MPH. It was incredible; after that interval ended, I stopped pedalling, sat up, and it felt like I had deployed a parachute. By the time I finished my 6th interval (which I managed to get up to 17.5 MPH thanks to a slight downhill grade), I called an end to the ride and staggered the rest of the way home. I’m making an exective decision to count my morning commute time towards the workout and getting my 60+ minute total. This one wore me out so bad I was in bed by 9:00 and snoring like a champ by 9:30.

Today is day 5, and it’s a rest day, so I suppose I can cover it by saying that I ain’t doing a damn thing today. Well, besides my commute to and from work. And some stretcthing and foam rolling. And if the little lady is feeling up to it, a well earned hamburger at the hot new burger joint in the area.

Tomorrow… back to the hills. Oh joy.