My Bike Is Gone (Pt. II)

So I wrote and posted a blog post about my Bianchi disappearing into the shadow world of stolen Oakland bikes.  There were a couple items I left out of the post for narrative reasons. And I wanted to post a couple thanks, so “Part II”.


  • The morning I was on my fateful busride, I was thinking to myself about writing into VeloReviews to suggest a podcast mostly dedicated to City/Commute Cycling issues.  VR podcast had recently had MTB, Cyclocross, road focused podcasts.  I thought we could get an expert on new city/commuter bikes and gear, traffic safety, road conditions/potholes, bike lanes, urban infrastructure, advocating for three bike racks on buses (increasing from the current 2 bike racks in place on most buses in the Bay Area), and increased city commute bike useage as gas prices inch toward $4.00/gal; an expert just as entertaining as Dort was on MTB and Lou was on distance road cycling.  Ironically, I did not think of bike theft as a podcast topic. 


  • Speaking of irony (even if I am misusing the word), I think that my karmic lesson learned from the loss of my bike is, when ever possible, when you are able… ride your damn bike and don’t depend on AC Transit!  The weather was not that bad that morning (before the hail storms hit the Bay Area).  Thanks for the sympathy Jeff.  Did not think that I would hear from our fearless leader.


  • A bike stolen off the bus when I was on the bus?  Really??  Yeah, Oakland is a tough town generally; especially for bike theft.  But in broad daylight.  I thought hip-hop culture made you think twice about OPP!?!


  • As I think I have written before, Oakland is the #1 notorious bike theft center in California.  An OPD officer told me four years ago when my Raleigh retro-cruiser (that was a bike to truly mourn from the material sense… such a sweet ride) got ripped out of our apartment garage by professional team (they spray painted the surveilence camera and hotwired two gate boxes to gain access and then leave with the bike… another digression…) we suffer more bike thefts in Oakland than Davis (which has such a “target rich environment” it is hard to believe… documented census numbers there have 1.7 bikes for every person in Davis…), more than SF. 


  • Last night, after I posted about the theft, I took my son’s old Ross commuter bike to spin class at the Downtown YMCA.  Riding slowly on a small incline on Grand Avenue in front of the new cathedral, I snapped off my left pedal again and hit the ground.  Second time I managed that precise action.  Luckily, I was cruising slowly  enough that I did not repeat the fractured pelvis, only some road rash on knee and elbow.  I am starting to wonder about these Jobian tests of me on bikes.  I was not wearing my helmet, so I got away with another one all things considered.  But my son is not happy that he is also out of cycling loop with the loss of the Ross for awhile (it took four months to install a new crank the first time I broke that pedal).  And yet, I still feel that I want to (MUST) perservere in being a cyclist.  Just one bad week with bike is all.  The rewards are much greater than the risks.