Having fun indoors!

Could have gotten out today if I really wanted to.  Two things deterred me; (1) I only had about 45 minutes of good daylight, and (2) I don’t like riding on my normal route from home during drive time.  Sooo, I “reveled in the passion” on the trainer for an hour.  Hopefully, I will be out on the road tomorrow.  It will not be warm (high of 34) but it should be dry and I can get out at lunch during the day.  Saturday and Sunday are hopeful too, but we will see what happens. 


I am pretty sure I stayed within 2100 calories today.  I used an online calorie counting tool until dinner.  I should finish that up and see where I am.  I am feeling stronger as I train each day.  I looked up the route that the race will be on – it is about an hour from where I live so I am planning on riding it at least once before April 2nd.  48.8 miles.  I am wondering a little if I got myself into something a little too deep but at the same time, if I wouldn’t have registered for that race, as much as I love to ride my bike – I wouldn’t have rode this last weekend because it was cold – I wouldn’t have rode the trainer for as much as I have this week which is the last 3 nights for an hour each night.  I probably have at least 6.5 hours of riding in this week and I plan to ride tomorrow for at least an hour.  That is probably roughly 3900 calories – maybe a little more.  If I can keep this up for the next 8 weeks and control the intake, may weight should be down to at least 215 for the race.  at 215, that is a ten pound plate that I don’t have to lug around.