A Flat By Any Other Name Still Stinks

Last year on the first Saturday in February I attempted my first brevet. A 200km ride in a nice flat part of the North Carolina coastal plain hosted by Bicycle For Life. I ended up with more flats than spares. I had some new wheels but not new tires or tubes. I made it past half-way and had to abandon.

Tomorrow I will be riding the same brevet again. I have much confidence in my fitness, nutrition, bike and preparation for flats so I am confident of making the full distance this time.

Here is what I am carry for fixing flats on both my road bike and commuting bike. I carry two spare tubes and a Slime Scabs patch kit. For inflation I carry a Crank Brothers Power Pump and a Genuine Innovations Ultraflate Plus with 3 CO2 cartridges.

Besides fixing flats I also like avoiding them. Besides doing my best to avoid road hazards I run 28mm Schwalbe Marathon tires inflated to about 80 PSI.

Tomorrow will tell, but again I am confident that my tires will not foil my ride.