2/1/11 – 60 days to Race Day!

60 days to race day.  Current weight – 225.  Target weight for first race – 210.  Weight to lose in 60 days – 15 pounds.  Lets see, that is 1 pound every four days.  Not impossible but definitely not anything I’ve accomplished since my high school wrestling days.  I need to develop a strategy for weight management.  Here is my training so far for this week.  I am trying to follow CC’s Ultimate Ride book.  I am finding riding indoors on the trainer really sucky!


Saturday – 28 miles

Sunday – 20 miles

Monday – rest

Tuesday – Trainer for 1 hour

Wednesday – Trainer for 1 hour

Thursday – Trainer for 1 hour

Friday – Rest

Saturday – hopefully ride for 2.5 hours outside

Sunday – hopefully ride for 2 hours outside


Hopefully, the weather this coming weekend will be conducive to riding (no snow on roads).  I can handle freezing and above.  I rode MLK day (17 degrees) and that was a little extreme.  Weekends are my only shot to get outside right now.  If it doesn’t work out – I will ride indoors. 


Also – thanks to all who wrote encouraging words.  It all helps!


 CTS Field Test – Here are the results from my field test – first one that I have done and it was indoors.

Test 1 – 8 min, 166 AHR, 178 MHR,

Test 2 – 8 min, 169 AHR, 177 MHR


Did the field test tonight – 20 minute warm up 8 min test, 20 minute recovery, 8 minute test, 2.5 minute cooldown – too short I know but I had to take one of my kids to BB practice.