Ten Months

I have now ridden a Century 10 months in a row. I rode pretty much the same Century as I did in December. I adjusted the route in a few places, so it was 102 miles instead of 107. I finished it more than an hour faster than the Cold and Slow Century. I felt better even in the first part when the temperature was 32. I divided the route into 4 sections roughly 25 miles each. I average 15.1 and 15.2 in the first two sections. In the third I dropped to a 14.8 average as I picked up a light headwind. The last section was only 13 mph average. I didn’t feel that bad but I was not getting the same result my legs gave earlier.


I listened to my iPod almost the whole way which is different for me. I had already listened to the latest VR, so I listened to the Two Johns, the Spokesmen, Geek Speak, NPR Technology and a good bit of Tony Schwartz’s The Way We Are Working Is Not Working. They were all good in their own way.


My charity team is doing Sunday afternoon rides for the winter and today was the first one. I passed the A group (going the opposite direction) when I was at mile 82. I was wearing my long sleeve team jersey and got some encouraging shouts and waves.