Trashed on Mondays

As a bike rider/racer, I am inevitably always beatdown tired on Mondays.  I can’t help it if I run myself into the ground on the weekends.  I wonder if my superiors notice my slow-motion performance come Mondays.  How did I put myself into this state on this Monday go around?  Let’s see.


On Friday, my day began in the gym at 6 a.m. with a set of 80 squats at 100 lbs followed by another set of 50.  My goal this winter is to build up to a set of 100 so I’m almost there.  I think I might make it there tomorrow.  I also did two sets of lunges at 30 reps each leg.  My core stuff I’ve started doing the night before to save time in the morning.  When I got home from work I hopped on the trainer for 60 mins at about 65% of max HR.


Saturday I did the infamous P ride.  The weather report said clearing out to sunny for the rest of the day.  The ride found a snow squall about 25 minutes in and for a few it was touch and go as to whether the ride would disband and people find their way home.  I think all 30 or so people on the ride pretty much stuck it out and eventually we rode out of that snow squall.  Once clear of that, a new teammate of mine basically blew the ride to smithereens.  This young guy Rob is superfit right now and he and a few others whittled the ride down to about 8 of us by mile 50 out of 52.  I shamelessy sucked wheels for the last ten miles over the rolling terrain in nasty crosswinds.  There was hardly a place to hide.  In the end, there were two sprinters left on the ride; myself and my friend Andrew.  When we are both fresh, Andrew probably beats me 7 out of 10 times.  He’s a smart sprinter with a quick jump.  But in rides that are hard and for more than 40 miles, I’ve noticed I edge him out most of the time perhaps because my training volume is 30 or 40 percent more than his.  He started to jump first, but I easily came around him and pulled away.  Upon seeing this, he threw in the towel and I rode 50 meters clear of the group before the actual marked line.  That was a tough ride though and cheers to my teammates for making it such a workout.


Sunday was cold with a high of about 34 or 35 degrees.  I joined a few locals for what is entitled the Tour de Chapel Hills.  Basically it’s a  hill workout ride where we go ride the 7 or 8 nastiest little hills in Chapel Hill.  There are several at 20+ percent grades.  I was just going out with this group for some company and to stay warm which steep grades and slow speeds will support.  I was near last up every climb just in front of the woman on the power cranks.  I can’t imagine what she was going through riding those things up those short and nasty steep climbs.  Impressive is all I can say.  I found a couple of guys to roll out for an extra hour or so which eventually led me back to my house.


All in all about 120 miles covered in roughly 6.5 hours for Saturday and Sunday, but Friday’s weight room workout put me in the hurtbox before the weekend started.  I can’t wait for 3 weeks from now when I get to cut back to one day per week in the weight room and I get begin to not feel so sapped on the bike.  I go through this most winters while in my weightroom routine, but I find the benefits worth it in the spring time races.


Hope you all had a good weekend too.