Cold and Slow Century

I rode my December Century yesterday and have dubbed it the Cold and Slow Century. It was a solo effort with little wind. I left from my house and rode mostly east towards Smithfield, NC. From there I dropped down to Four Oaks where I had a slice of pizza as an early lunch. I am not sure how good the pizza might seem most days, but it was great at this point. From Four Oaks I road down to Erwin, then Buies Creek, Angier, Willow Springs and then home. It totaled 107 miles and gives me 5438 miles for 2010.


The cold part of the names comes from the 25 degree starting temperature. The high topped out in the mid 40s. There was some ice still on the road and plenty of snow could be seen in shady areas. The ice in the road has never enough cover a whole section, so I was always able to ride around it. At one point I relaized that the little white bits in the fields on either side of me where not snow. They were cotton. One benefit of the cold is that the factory faming outfits were not very aromatic like they are on the warm weather. I was worried when I went on Packing Plant Road, but even there I did not catch any bad smells.


The slow part comes from various reasons.

  1. I am not very fast
  2. The cold slows you down (see Rapunzels post)
  3. When riding alone I get distracted and tend to slow down
  4. I wore my jacket which covers my pockets, so I had to stop to get a snack out. This also why I didn’t take any pictures.
  5. I was thinking I needed to save something to ride again on New Year’s Day.

I want to start off 2011 with a New Year’s Day Century. One of my cycling friends hosts a New Year’s Day open house. I rode to it last year. I was thinking of extending the route and riding about 70 miles, enjoying the open house and then riding the last 30. I am not sure I am recovering well enough for that, but I haven’t given up yet. It would be too bad to miss because the temperature is going to get just into the 60s.