Bicycles For Christmas

I belong to the Spiritual Spinners which is a bicycle ministry of my church, Fuquay-Varina UMC. For the second year we have provided bicycles as part of Operation Share. Operation Share was started about 14 years ago by a youth at our church. Families in need are identified through the local elementary schools, toys are donated, and the parents are invited to come and “shop” for their children. Last year we gave away 31 bikes and helmets as part of Operation Share. This year we exceeded our goal of 50 bikes. We gave away 61 bikes. 


I personally worked on more than half of them. Getting then ready varied from cleaning off dust, to scrubbing off rust, repainting handle bars, greasing headsets and wheel bearings, truing wheels and replacing cables. There were plenty of single speed coaster brake bikes, plus BMX, MTB, hybrids and even a couple of cruisers given away. While a fair number of seats were replaced this year, the biggest fix was replacing the rear tire. Lots of kids had learned to skid to a stop. I always like that better than a used bike with tires with no tread wear.


Here are a couple of shots of some of the bikes. The blue one in the middle was my daughter’s old Hard Rock.


Lots of 16″ wheel bikes although we had more girl’s on the other wall.

I see a black cruiser in the back ground. The silver one in the fore ground was a nice 3 speed with fenders, a rack and a folding basket on the rear. Check out the rivets on the seat.

I still need to figure out what to do with about 20 usable adult size bikes we collected during this process. I am considering a bicycle rodeo for kids and parents in the Spring. We could supply bikes for the parents and let them buy one if they like it. Any other ideas?