Snowbound in NC

Today marked the annual meeting of the Carlina Cycling Association’s race promoters meeting. I don’t really consider myself a race promoter by any stretch, but I am on a team and we put on a couple of races. I have however traveled to the annual race promoters meeting on the team’s behalf to make sure we secure the event date we would like for next year’s race calendar. That meeting took place in Statesville, NC where there will be a cyclo-cross race tomorrow.

At some point yesterday, I caught word that the weather people were predicting some possible flurries for far northern NC up by the Virginia border. By this morning, they were predicting perhaps a dusting in our immediate area. Now they are calling for 1 to 2 inches. Now I know right now people from parts of the country would say, “What’s the big deal?”, but this is the south. We don’t have snow removal equipment, we don’t have sand and salt trucks, and we sure as hell don’t have people trained and practiced in dealing with removing ice and snow from roadways.

So, after myself and my teammate penciled in our dates on the race calendar for next year and the snow started flying at about noon, we jetted out of that meeting and hit the road. The driving conditions on the highway deteriorated rapidly. Not helping was the fact that my car weighs about 2500 lbs and it takes hardly any slushy build-up on the road to unglue the tires from the pavement. It was white knuckled driving almost all of the way home.

Now that I am sitting in my house with my dog by my side, I can appreciate the white wonderland it is outside. I did manage about an hour on the trainer at 6:30 this morning. Another one of my teammates has cleaned out his garage and has the projection screen t.v. set up and ready to go for tomorrow morning. It’ll be my first 3 hour trainer ride of the season. Not looking forward to that, but this is how races in the early season are fought for and won.

Total ride time since last Sunday was a whopping 3 hours and I was barely just turning the pedals over. I am feeling much better though after this much needed break.