Rear wheel smooth sailing

After taking the measurements on the DT Swiss rim that I got (see last post) I ordered the spokes and nipples to put the wheel together.

Oh and just a shout out here to Universal Cycles. I’m building a 32 spoke wheel and just to be safe I always order an extra spoke or two and an extra nipple or two. So in my order with them I ordered 35 spokes and 35 nipples. They took it upon themselves to think that maybe I was building a 36 spoke wheel and had made a mistake by ordering 35 so they actually sent me 36 of each and didn’t charge me for it. Nice!!!! Imagine if that had actually been a true mistake the frustration that that would have saved me!!!

Oh and while I’m throwing out shout outs I want to thank David Bernstein of The FredCast for reading my email on his show #170. It was the story about my local cycling organization raising funds for road repairs!

So anyway, the spokes and nipples arrived yesterday and I went to work on the lacing. It was only after I was about 3/4 of the way through I remembered I was going to do a from the garage post of the build. So maybe I’l do that when I do the front.

The wheel laced beautifully with only one small error on my part that I had to go back for a second and fix. Then, when I was doing the initial tightening of the nipples I forgot that I was doing a rear wheel and ended up centering the rim perfectly over the FLANGES!! So a quick run through of the spokes and I got the rim moved over to actually be centered on the axle. Actually when I put the dishing tool on the wheel it had zero gap. I couldn’t even get the thinnest feeler gauge through it. I was stoked about that.

I really think the gold nipples are going to look sweet!!

Check it out when you spin the wheel:

The simple point and shoot camera doesn’t quite capture it but when spinning it has a cool gold line around the inside of the rim.

Oh and one more shout out to my friend Marie (who I went to support in Kona last month) . She just won the amateur division of the Arizona Ironman ! In fact she beat 10 of the pro women!! Awesome job girl!!

I’m out