More winter work

I was cruising Craigslist about 4 weeks ago and came across a nice Austro Daimler, Vent Noir 2.

I had to go to the HOOD in Detroit to get the thing but it ended up being worth it. I paid $300.00 to a guy who paid $20.00 for it at an estate sale. However seeing as we just sold one the day before at the shop I work at for $1200.00 I paid it with no qualms.

So at this point I’m working on the overhaul. The frame AND fork have the original Reynolds 5-3-1 stickers. The bike came with the original Campy dérailleurs, Cinelli stem and leather rapped handlebars, Campy seatpost as well. The headset was replaced with a Shimano 600. This was from the same basic era as the bike so I wasn’t too upset about this. The crank and BB were replaced with Campy Chorus, much more modern but really nice and they go with the bike well. The wheels had also been upgraded with a set of Campy Hubs that look like Chorus also and a set of Campy rims.

I’ve upgraded the dérailleurs with a set of super record that I bought myself back in 1986. I figured since it wasn’t all original I wasn’t going to get too excited about keeping it that way. I might some day change it back. The main goal right now it to just build it up with high quality parts of the 80-81 ( when I think the frame was made) era.

All the parts have gone through the sonic cleaner and are looking spiffy. The main job now is the rear wheel. When I was truing and tensioning the spokes I noticed this on several of the spoke holes:

Those cracks are much bigger of course when the wheel is under tension.

So I decided I’d take the chorus hubs and rebuild the wheels. I’m doing the rear first and went with the same DT swiss rim that I have on my seven. It’s the RR465 and I think it’ll look great:

So just waiting for the spokes and nipples at this point and then I’ll have a new wheel hopefully. Might do a “From the Garage post of the lacing steps.

Oh and just in case you were wondering I ditched that hideous seat for a classic Selle Italia Turbo:

Much better!!!!…:)