Not Winning the Lottery

Another lottery drawing has come and gone without me winning, but I did find myself daydreaming about the bikes I might get if I had won. Bikes aren’t the only thing I would use lottery money for, but they are the best thing to talk about here. I came up with 9 bikes that suit my riding.

  1. Everyday rider: a really like a Black Sheep titanium 29er with an internal gear hub and belt drive I saw at the NAHBS. Stylish, practical, sturdy, and low maintenance make it my choice.
  2. Cargo: a Yuba Mundo can handle the 150 lbs of fertilizer and 50 lbs of weed control I bought recently.
  3. Bad weather: a Surly Pugsley with tires pushing 4″ wide (and a set with snow studs) means you can get around in the worst weather we have around here.
  4. Centuries and further: a steel COHO custom bike with functional yet beautiful components like Rivendell and Velo-Orange sell. This is the bike I may get even without winning the lottery.
  5. Club rides: Specialized Roubaix with Shimano DI2 electronic shifting, light, comfortable, and latest electronics
  6. Full suspension mountain bike: how about a Niner WFO perhaps with SRAM XX components
  7. Time trial bike: this would probably get the least miles, but they are so cool and then I would have to do a triathlon – Blue Triad SL probably with the DI2 drive train
  8. Touring: COHO makes a nice one or perhaps a Salsa Fargo
  9. A tandem: something for touring with the spouse, this is another bike I may get even without winning the lottery
Anybody else want to share their bike geek fantasies?