Riding With Women

I have noticed that I like to ride with women. On my club rides, I will usually pick the group with 3 or 4 of the women I like to ride with. They ride nice and steady in a pace line. Like anybody they tend to push a little extra when they have their turn on the front, but otherwise they sit nicely in the line. They probably keep the line tighter than I do.

But not only that, but I find myself riding with women I just met on the various charity rides I have done. In the Elizabeth City Century I first rode with 3 women. They ended up deciding on taking the metric route, but a few minutes later I caught up with two other riders. Yep, two more women. I rode with them briefly. They took a shortcut into Edenton. I met them again there. They invited me to ride with them. I did most of the pulling into the wind the rest of the way. I could have ridden a coupe of mph faster, but I would rather stay with my group, even an impromptu one.
On the second day of the Tour de Cure, I was riding with two women again. One was a personal trainer from the coast. When we hit some long flat sections, she left us. The other had misplaced her husband, so we just rode together. It was so hot, we just rode from rest stop to rest stop to get more water and ice. We found her husband at the lunch break and the three of us rode together the rest of the way.
At the Bike MS rides in New Bern, NC, we had two couples join our group. They are friends of one of my female teammates. After I commented that I didn’t mind them being in our group, I learned a new term. The view riding behind the 2 women was rather nice (much better than riding behind me I am sure). The term I learned has pace booty.
So maybe that has something to do with my preference of riding partners. Although I still say I like the relaxed attitude. That is my story and I am sticking with it.