New Bike for My Daughter

For her 17th birthday I fixed up an old cruiser for my daughter. She is all into recycling and reuse, so she loves the idea of riding a salvaged bike. She has proven this bike works for her with rides in our rather hilly neighborhood and even a 15 mile ride to the farm where I pick up fresh organic veggies and fruit on Saturdays. That included a hill she had to walk the steepest part. The single speed contributed to that but I think it was mostly the swept back handle bars that kept her from getting enough leverage standing up on the hill. Still she got back on before the top of the hill and rode the rest.

She liked the color on this bike. I removed all the faded decals.

I cleaned the chrome. The fenders were in great shape. I used diet cola and aluminum foil to clean the rust off the rims, spokes, hubs, chain ring and cranks. I also polished some with a rotary tool.

The handle bars had no chrome left after I got the rust off so I replaced them. The tires were old and sidewalls too cracked, so she got new ones. I also added the basket.

I will probably replace the stem because the rust didn’t really come off of it. I had the pedals laying around and the seat too. I am either going to find a seat cover in matching colors or switch to a white seat.