Stories of great cycling in unexpected places

The story is – at least to my mind – unexpected. It is unexpected in what the story tells, and it is an unexpected website where I first
found the story.

I’m referring to the article “Cycling lessons from Mexico City” by Tom Wainwright, and I found the article not on the Guardian where it originated, but rather copied to a publication called Online Stock Trading. Who’d have guessed?

But what makes the content of the story unexpected as well? Perhaps it is my Americanized perspective, but to me Mexico City as always been
a crowded, polluted city full of crazy drivers darting around honking
horns like mad. Admittedly I’ve never been to Mexico City, cut clearly
the worlds most populous metropolis must be a terrible place to ride a bike.

Not so according to Tom Wainwright. In fact, he claims that London should learn from Mexico City:

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