Aborted Commute

I haven’t been happy commuting on my road bike, so I decided to see if i could use a 1988 Cannondale special edition mountain bike my wife usually rides. So last night I moved the rear rack to it without any problems. I switched the seat and seat post which also brought along the rear light. I put the simple front light on the handle bars and put some air in the tires. I road a little in the neighborhood and lubed the chain a little. The gears, 5 in the rear and 3 up front, shifted fine. This thing is geared pretty low. I figured if it road well I would switch the tires this weekend.

Well I should have done the tires last night too. The rear formed a large bubble in the side wall about 4 miles into the ride. It was rubbing the chain stay. I wasn’t quite to the halfway point so I decided to turn around. I let some air out but I don’t think it really reduced the rubbing. I road slow because I was afraid the tire might blow. I certainly didn’t want to be flying downhill and suddenly be on the rim.
So I rode about a mile less this morning that usual and will miss riding this afternoon. But I did get far enough to think this bike will be better to use for now while I weigh my other options. The insurance company has requested a detailed description of the bike. I will put that together this weekend along with receipts of upgrades I have made. I also plan to throw in some quotes about why Chromoly steel is preferred for this kind of riding. I am getting the feeling they may offer a pretty low amount for the ruined bike.