Banged Up Bike

It has been a rough summer for transportation in my life. When I has on the C&O Canal bike trip (still plan to post a report on that trip), I got a call that my son totaled my 2001 PT Cruiser. He lost control on a curve, flipped it and walked away without a scratch, bruise or even any soreness. So I was without a car.

I considered not replacing it but my daily commute includes 4 miles of driving. I don’t find the roads close to my house safe enough to ride all the way home. I decided to just got something that would transport my bike and decided to buy my sister-in-law’s 1999 Ford Contour. What it lacks in any sort of appeal it makes up for in low miles, 51k, and known repair history. Next I bought a new Saris Bones 3 rack for it. Then 2 days later someone bumped into the back of me with my commuter bike on the back. The damage seemed minimal to both the bike and car, but it is crazy how it adds up.

For the car, replacing a broken reflector along the trunk, fixing a small dent in the trunk lid and repainting a small section is nearly $700.
The bike seemed pretty good at first. The front wheel was out of true but does not appear bent. I trued it some and it is pretty good. But when I took it on a test ride I found the large chain ring is bent in. So I decided to take it to my LBS for a more thorough check.
I should hear from the LBS tomorrow and the insurance company seems reasonable so far. The tale continues in the morning.