Sandra Parsons Anti-Cycling Rant seen in the on of the UK’S national newspapers the Daily Mail

The Sandra Parsons Page [p15]

MIDDLE-AGED men who insiston proving they still have testosterone by cycling at ludicrous speeds are one of the most annoying menaces on the road. They sream abuse at any driver who has the temerity to pull ahead of them, and shake their head patronisingly at pedestrians forced to leap out of their way or be mown down.

Now we learn that they are just going through a mid-life crisis. Has it not occured to themthat they merely looksilly ,not sexy in their tight Lycra cycling shorts and fluoresent figure-hugging tops?

Bring back the mid – life Harley ,I say.Not only is it beautiful to look at, but the kit’s a great deal more flattering to those of a certain age – not to mention girth.

I appeal to all cyclists to send this Daily Mail Lady a e/mail protesting against her anti -cycling rant

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