E/Mail sent to Sandra Parsons

Dear Sandra,
I have just read your anti-cycling rant in today’s Daily Mail. Yes i am indeed a 50 year old male who rides a bike to commute to work and at the weekend enjoy the Hertfordshire countryside with mt local club Verulam CC. I just wanted to say i also hold a car and motorbike licence and in my view “one of the most annoying menaces” on the road is the irresponsible car driver. I wish i had a £5 for ever time when it is my right of way the vehicle just speeds past , and if i had not been cautious ,no doubt i would have been injured by the car driver not giving fellow road users the courtesy and respect they should be given when they use the road.
Please next time have a go at the irresponsible car driver as they cause many more accidents that the cyclists on the road. How many times do I have to hear “sorry mate i did not see you on your bike” before i end up as a road traffic accident statistic

Stewart “Fun Run Robbie” Barker