Ever have one of those days?

I started the morning early, 6:30 AM, filled my water bottles, loaded my phone, some snacks and cash in preparation for a nice 45-50 mile. My daughter was showing her pony and I had to get there before the first class she had entered started, usually around 9:30… 10 is closer…. we are slow movers. As I finished prepping the bike and was about to change, I noticed my front tire was low, flat really. Broke out the floor pump, a Parks I have owned for years, and proceeded to air up. Hmmmm… what is that whistling sound? The pump had developed a leak around the outlet valve, not too bad as I could get 100 psi into the tire if I just kept pumping. Then I noticed the back tire was low, 50 psi. What the heck, I got the front tire up, didn’t I? Pumping away, the leak got worse and the best I could get was 80 psi. Not good for my “large” frame. I decided at this point it was probably something simple, O ring needing some vaseline or just a good reseating and tightening. Ran back up stairs and got the petro jelly out, found a set of slip joint pliers and set to work. Did I mention I was not the swiftest mechanic around? I managed not to destroy the pump. I did not fix it, or make it worse. It appears the O rings are compressed and won’t hold a seal (almost sounds like I know what I am talking about ).

At this point, an hour has flown by and there is no way I can make it to the show on time. Plan “B” comes into effect, get the hybrid! I load up the hybrid into the Prius (hybrid, inside a hybrid?) and run back up stairs to change. Forgot to move the pump off the deck where I was working on it and I kicked it. Ouch. Small amount of blood, just a flesh wound. Get dressed and head out. I was planning on 45 or 50 miles today and got 10. Oh well, there is a new wine tasting room open on the way back from the horse show that got some extra business today. I hope tomorrow is a better day, as I ponder a glass of red…..
Oh, Daughter got some blue ribbons!