Ups and Downs

Next weekend I am riding the Bike Fest century out of Hillsborough, NC. It advertises 5000 feet of climbing. Lou has been warning me about it. I have noticed this year that I am actually pretty strong up the hills but have trouble hanging on when people top the hill and try to make up time.Lately I have discovered some things that explain why my climbing has improved.

Most of my miles come on my commute, 12 miles each way plus the occasional errand. I have been doing this ride more days than not for over a year. I weighed my commuting bike a while back, so I have known it is 30 pounds before adding the bags. Yesterday I weighed the bags with a typical load and they are another 20 pounds. Also recently I started using the Plus 3 iPhone app to record my rides and log them for charity. One thing I discovered doing that is that I have almost 1000 feet of climbing each way on my commute. So I am climbing nearly a 1000 feet twice a day with a 50 pound bike.
I haven’t weighed my road bike but I would guess it is some place between 20 and 25 pounds. I now understand why I am climbing so much better than last year.