Wish List

I try to spread my bicycle related spending out over time. A new bike seems to be still a way out in the future. Here are some things I am planning in August and September.

  • Bike fit – probably going to lead to a stem and maybe handlebars
  • Tires, handlebars, grips for a cruiser I am fixing up for my daughter’s 17th birthday
  • Bib shorts – 2 day Bike MS ride in September calls for 2nd pair of my most comfortable riding shorts
  • Repair stand – I fixed up almost 30 kids bikes for Christmas last year and I need to make it easier
  • Better cone wrenches – also motivated by the bikes for Christmas work
  • replace rear light lost on recent trip
  • Figure out what is wrong with my Magic Shine headlight before the days get much shorter
  • Road pedals and shoes with a goal of more comfort and less rotating weight
Doesn’t seem too ambitious but it also appears to be over $700 altogether.