Nothing to see here.

Well, no video post today because there just isn’t that much to post about. Today was a 45 easy spin and flush the legs out day. I am pretty tired today, but the ride did me good. It was nice to do one of my shorter routes that I do in the spring and notice how much faster I do it with about the same effort. I had to add a loop to get to40 minutes even.

Also there really isn’t much to see because the stupid phone didn’t record my tracks today. I don’t know why. I do know that the battery was toast when I got home. I’m thinking I didn’t have it charged up enough, and maybe I left some apps running in the background? I also didn’t turn off the City Nav. maps so I just had Topo maps. So no tracks. And when I did finally turn the CN maps off it gave me a street view in car mode, and was doing some other odd things that it wouldn’t do last night. I just got a new software update loaded last night, and maybe that’s got something to do with it? I don’t know. I can’t be mad, because not only is the phone new to me, but it’s a new phone period. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

And the phone wasn’t the only thing miss behaving. Once again I failed to remember to calibrate tilt before I left. Only this time, instead of looking at 0 watts I was seeing 500-700w. After a mile I’d had enough and did a recal. and everything was fine. But the numbers were so far off I did a trip reset. So, add .9 miles to these numbers, and I don’t know how much time.

Here’s the Numbers:

9.0 miles 36:25 346 cal 141bpm ave. 170 max
166w ave. 746w max 14.9mph ave. 31.4 max
10.9% max grade 17.5 ave wind speed
350ft of climbing np=225 if=1.4610 tss=129.56