Tales From Rental Hell – Hot as Hell

I don’t get it. Neither do many other locals in the Lowcountry. When our weather is what we consider the worst, all the tourists come to visit. Why? The temperature is as hot as it will get all year, and we get half of our annual rain in June, July, and August.

Yet, tourist come here in droves to complain about our weather. Come in September or October. The air is cooler and drier, and hurricanes don’t come all that often. Last big ‘cane was in 1959. Face it, bring a bike or rent a bike on Hilton Head in the summer, you’re going to get wet. Take shelter if you hear thunder, especially when you’re on the beach, as you are the tallest object with 25 pounds or so of metal between your legs.

I’m ranting out of my own poor health today. I got sent to the ER, then home, for heat exhaustion for the first time in my life. My body just wouldn’t cool in the excessive humidity today, as the heat never got over 90. That was an odd sensation, sweating while getting cold and shaky, but felt like I was on low broil. I worked all week in hotter conditions and felt good, just a little uncomfortable at times. The only thing different about today was arriving an hour eariler due to the normal Saturday busyness.

I came home and watched today’s stage of the Tour de France, took a nap, and now getting ready to prepare dinner. Translation: Fixin’ to cook supper for the yougins’ and the woman once she gets home from birthin’ babies.