Rest Day report

Hello all!

I am sorry for the lack of posts this week but I just haven’t been riding. It has been crazy hot and humid here in Maine. It’s been bad enough that I never got to cool down from the Stage 4 workout (a week ago today). Heck, the vet thinks one of my Aunt’s cat has suffered from heat stroke. It got to me so bad I called into work sick on Tuesday just from pure exhaustion. Now this maybe weather a lot of you are used to, but how many of those folks commuted every day in sub freezing temps? Any way, Al told me to stay off the bike and then Friday go for a 30-45 minute easy ride at high cadence. I did, and it felt great! I even kicked in one or two 15 second (maybe) sprints up rises just cause I felt so good. I know rest does me good, but it’s hard to do sometimes when you are raised and live in a culture that if you aren’t working then it’s not good enough. And you are quite simply a wimp if you need 8 hours of sleep every day. Fortunately that’s not what my current working environment is like.

Anyway, I was going to do a fitness test Saturday night (20 minutes flat out), and then a 45 mile local club ride and BBQ Sunday. I don’t know what happened, but I got home Saturday over an hour late from work, and exhausted, and hungry. There was nothing in the house to eat, and I chose sleep. I chose wrong. I woke up with all I can describe as a knot in my stomach that made it hard to move, or sleep. So I couldn’t go on today’s ride, or do much of anything really. I feel better, but not totally better. And I got crap for sleep last night. So week 2 is shot. But this is what has plagued me all year. I get one good week of a training plan done, and the next week falls apart because of work (I was student teaching this spring as a music ed major), or illness, or something. I just can’t get healthy enough to get a regular workout going, and I can’t get a decent enough workout routine going to get healthy. One thing I have learned from working with Al and my power meter, is that I over-train, which I kind of knew already. But to throttle myself back into the heart rate or power zones I have been prescribed, I can get passed by school kids, which just shows me how slow I am. Maybe it’s my military background, genetics, or remembering what good cycling shape I’ve been in in the past, but I’ve found that I just push too hard. Also, it’s always been a pattern of mine to do good mileage one week, and then fall off then next, and another good week, and less then next. I am wondering if this isn’t a natural rhythm of mine, and I need to look at structuring my own weekly workout plans to reflect that, once Al gets done with me that is

Anyway, I think I am going to try a nice easy fun ride tomorrow, to try to give my body some energy and stress relief.