I need counseling

I will never (never) volunteer to be a ride leader again. On Saturday at my club ride, I got nominated to lead the B group of about 20 riders. I announced the length (55 miles), pace (20mph) and no-drop status of the ride. We’ll regroup at rest stops. At our first rest stop, the A group boys said they wanted to come with us and agreed to our guidelines. Then they proceeded to go 23-24mph, stringing people all down the road and taking the big ego B-groupers with them.They disappear without a clue where they’re going and proceed to get horribly lost. Meanwhile the B group splits again because the people who should have ridden with the C group are falling off the back. They get mad when they are given directions to the next stop (2 miles away). Then the stragglers who are mad because they got dropped start dropping each other and we have riders who skip the rest stop because they are pouting and then they get lost too. Now the “real B group” is down to eight riders and most of one half is married to the other half. This was a good time for Mrs. Calnago to collide with Mr. Masi for a quick trip to RoadRash-ville. I actually got a great workout sprinting to the front to tell people to slow down then dropping back to talk to stragglers then time trialing back to the group to give directions and take my pulls.

I did not have a whole lot of fun. Then I got up on Sunday and did it all over again. Why, why, why???